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We are a local law enforcement officer owned, small time (always dreaming to be big time) landscaping and snow removal company.  Matt (the owner) has been doing landscaping for 15 years.  He first started working for "Tony's Landscaping" another local Bayonne company when he was 15 years old.  After a few years, Tony sold his company to Jesse (At the time, Unknowingly...Matt's future brother in law).  He called it "Jesse's Landscaping"...  Original right?....That's where Matt learned to really run a company and learn the business.  A few years after that, Jesse finally sold the company to Matt.  Following in suit, he named it....drum roll!....."Matt's Landscaping!"...A few years later,  baby Mattisen came along and the business was passed along to cousin Cody, who named it...you guessed it...."Cody's Landscaping"....apparently no one in the family is very creative with names.  Until after a two year break to stay home with Matti while working nights in his law enforcement job and watching her grow..."Hudson Lawn Enforcement" was created.  And we haven't looked back since!

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